Maintenance Guidelines:

Service and maintenance is another major part of our business. No job is too big or too small and consistent with our unique experience we can also provide you with handy hints to keep your pool table and accessories in the best possible playing condition

Quality new tables should only require a regular brushing either before or after playing to remove chalk debris and covering with a dustcover to eliminate light as well as dust.

With careful attention to your table, the cloth will give years of service before needing to be replaced,  and this will depend on how the players use the cue, and how the table is looked after in-between playing sessions. We have seen cloth in great condition after 26 years of use, and others in need of replacement after 12 months. So, it pays to look after the surface of your table, we can help with free advice.

Further maintenance (usually annually) involves possibly levelling the table, remarking & re-spotting and ironing the cloth with a pool iron to ensure cloth runs at the desired speed

Alternatively, when maintenance requires that little extra we can provide a full service or advise accordingly as to the extent of the repairs needed.

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