For Commercial users, we can provide a "no deposit" finance facility.   For home use, we have very competitive rates to offer, with small deposits.

For assistance with finance, please print off this application form, and then fax to us for a prompt response.



Phone: 09 444-6535     Fax: 09 444-6534


Equipment/Purpose _.

Purchase Price (incl GST) ________ Deposit ________ Term (mths) ________________

Type of Agreement (circle type)       Rental                    Lease to own/Hire Purchase


LEGAL NAME: ________________________________________________                                           Company No                       

Trading As: ___________________________________________________________________           Years Trading                 

Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: ____________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________ Fax: __________________________ Mobile: ___________________________________

Your Line of Business: _____________________________________________________________ No. of Employees: ____________

Your Landlord: __________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Term of Lease: ____________

Debenture Holders (if any)/Mortgages/Business Loans: _______________________________________________________________


Principal (name in full): ________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________ Home Phone: _________________________Mobile Phone: ______________________

Home Address: _______________________________________________________         Rent ____________Own ______________

Previous Business or Occupation: ____________________________________________ Years in Previous: ____________________

Principal (name in full): ________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________ Home Phone: _________________________Mobile Phone: ______________________

Home Address: _______________________________________________________         Rent ____________ Own ______________

Previous Business or Occupation: ____________________________________________ Years in Previous: ____________________

Accountant's Name: __________________________ Firm: ______________________________________ Phone: _______________

Solicitor's Name: _____________________________ Firm: ______________________________________ Phone: ______________

Bank: ________________________________________________________ Account No.: ___________________________________

Insurance Company: ____________________________________________________ Policy No.: ____________________________

CREDIT REFERENCES: (Name & Phone Number of 2 businesses able to supply credit references)

1. ________________________________ Ph: _________________ 2. _____________________________ Ph: _________________

Finance Company Accounts (Current or Past): ______________________________________________________________________

Next of Kin: ____________________________Address                                                                                            Ph:                         

DECLARATION: I/We declare that the above statements and answers are true and correct and that I/We have never been adjudged bankrupt nor committed any act of bankruptcy.  I/We irrevocably authorise any person or company to provide you with such information as you may require in response to your credit enquiries.  I/We further authorise you to furnish any third party details of this application and any subsequent dealings that I/We may have with you as a result of this application being made.

Verification Statement Waiver:  I/We, waive/do not waive (delete one; if none deleted – will be read as "waives") the need for Swasbrooks Pool Tables Ltd  to forward a copy of any verification statement in respect of any Financing Statement or Financing Change Statement required under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 "PPSA" by Swasbrooks Pool Tables Limited in connection with any agreement.

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 I/We authorise Swasbrooks Pool Tables Limited or any finance company/s to contact Baycorp Advantage or any credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer/s, accountant/s or any other source,  to collect, check, or exchange(both now and in the future) any personal information about the Applicant, its directors and its principal shareholders including the personal information provided by me/us in your application form for the purpose of assessing my/our application for finance with you, and any subsequent financial agreements and any matters arising out of such dealings.  Some or all of this information you collect will be given to Baycorp Advantage or other Credit Reporting Agencies (“Other Credit Reporting Agency”) in order to obtain further information about me/us and that the Credit Reporting Agencies will give you information about me/us.  Baycorp Advantage or Other Credit Reporting Agency will hold that information in their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting service which may include giving some or all of that information to their customers.  You may use Baycorp Advantage or Other Credit Reporting Agency services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to me.  This may include using monitoring services to receive updated if any, if the information held about me changes.  If I default in my payment obligations to you or any finance company, information about that default may be given to Baycorp Advantage or other credit reporting agency who may give such information about my/our default to other customers.  I/We are entitled to contact Baycorp Advantage, Private Bag 92156, Victoria Street Auckland,, or Other Credit Reporting Agency, or you, or any other party, to access my/our personal credit information and if it is incorrect, then request correction.

I/We understand that any agreement ("Agreement") to be entered into by me/us and any financier I am/we are introduced to as a result of this application form on or about the date of this application form in connection with the goods referred to in this application form may be a “credit contract” for the purposes of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

I/We acknowledge and declare that I am/we are entering into the Agreement primarily for business and/or investment purposes.  I/We confirm that I/we have read and understood this declaration.



APPLICANT/S SIGNATURE/S: _________________________________________________ Dated: __________________________

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