About Us

Swasbrook Pool tables Ltd, a well established, nearly 55 year old business, dealing in pool tables.

A large range of restored used tables, recycled for new owners, and half the price of a new table, and guaranteed for life.

We have tables from 6ft up to 12ft snooker tables, carefully restored to look almost like new. Antique tables around 100 years old.

Coin operated pool tables for the hospitality industry, both new and restored like new.

Reclothing and recovering tables around NZ, retipping cues, accessories, and a dismantling and shifting service.

* Cues and accessories

We buy sell and trade pool tables every day.

Located at 7a Colway place in Wairau valley, not far from Wairau road, with plenty of free parking.

We will bring your tired table back to life and make it as good as day one.!

Swasbrook Pool Tables ---- Where you get more for less.

Have a look around, then see us when you are ready to decide.

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        Special Announcements

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